Day 6 School at home

Here we go again. The start of term 2! Today began with an announcement from Mr 13……. ‘I think I have a science assignment due today and I haven’t done it.’ (insert Mum’s swear words). Great start. How many weeks has he known about that and chosen to ignore it?! After dropping that bombshell, heContinue reading “Day 6 School at home”

Day 5 Home schooling

3rd April 2020 (Game changer) Today was a bit of a messy day with both Mr and Mrs Prof Bee scheduled to work. We had the care sorted with neighbours and friends but there was no one actually available to ‘teach’. That is, apart from their wonderful and capable teachers on the other ends ofContinue reading “Day 5 Home schooling”

Day 4 Home schooling

2nd April 2020 (My real April fools day) I tried to start today more positive. I had a chat to Mr 12 about getting on and doing his work as well as the need to get out for some fresh air. The plan was good. The execution was appalling. By 10am we were all yellingContinue reading “Day 4 Home schooling”

Day 1 Home schooling

I started journaling two weeks ago. I love to write, it helps me process. I realised today there are likely a lot of parents out there needing to process and also to know they are not alone in their struggles, so I decided to turn the journal into a blog. 30th March 2020 If IContinue reading “Day 1 Home schooling”

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