Day 5 Home schooling

3rd April 2020 (Game changer)

Today was a bit of a messy day with both Mr and Mrs Prof Bee scheduled to work. We had the care sorted with neighbours and friends but there was no one actually available to ‘teach’. That is, apart from their wonderful and capable teachers on the other ends of their computers.

I had got Miss 10 ahead over the last few days which meant the pressure was off for her. I woke her up early to supervise the end of week spelling test, lunch boxes were packed and the care arrangements explained.

What followed was a day that made me realise how silly I have been! Mr 12 regularly sent messages to let me know how his work was going (complete with screen shot proof). He logged into one class late, learnt the consequence of that and moved on. They even snuck in some exercise with a quick bike ride to see Dad at lunch time.

This was very encouraging for us as parents. Mr 12 was proud of himself and we were proud of him. A bit of responsibility goes really well for him.

With term 2 set to be online (at least to begin with) we have managed to finish term 1 with a sense of confidence and I have realised I was just trying too hard! The kids do not need another teacher. They need to be cared for, fed, loved and someone to talk to if things get tough.

As many teachers I know have said………….. it is not home school we are facilitating but home learning (sorry I was a slow learner but I get it now!). Apart from what the kids learnt online today, they learnt to be responsible for their own school work and to use their initiative to find ways to make the day enjoyable.

I am not saying Term 2 will be easy, there will be many challenges ahead I am sure. But, I feel that we can go into it much wiser and prepared than we did this week. I will be trying my best to step back more and let the kids find their own way through this (but close enough to step in when needed!).

This time is really an amazing opportunity to teach a whole new range of skills to our kids. To find excitement and joy from the simple things in life and to really take notice of what is in our own backyard.

Mum Bee

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