Day 16 & 17 (The end of school at home)

Day 16; I was down to one student attending ‘school at home’. Wednesday is always a difficult day with all the core subjects popping up. Tension is usually high. This was no exception. However, this time it was much easier to manage. Keeping up a constant stream of food seems to help Mr 13 concentrateContinue reading “Day 16 & 17 (The end of school at home)”

Day 4 Home schooling

2nd April 2020 (My real April fools day) I tried to start today more positive. I had a chat to Mr 12 about getting on and doing his work as well as the need to get out for some fresh air. The plan was good. The execution was appalling. By 10am we were all yellingContinue reading “Day 4 Home schooling”

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