Day 16 & 17 (The end of school at home)

Day 16; I was down to one student attending ‘school at home’. Wednesday is always a difficult day with all the core subjects popping up. Tension is usually high. This was no exception. However, this time it was much easier to manage. Keeping up a constant stream of food seems to help Mr 13 concentrate and I was available to help as required, although he only needed me for Maths.

Recess involved a bit of manual labour, loading tree branches into the ute after last week’s storm. At lunch we got on the bikes and headed to the shop. We were having quite a nice day together. When we arrived home, so did the email……


CEWA had made their decision; from Monday it is all systems go for a return to normal school. This we had expected. What we did not expect, was students were encouraged to return to school as soon as possible to settle back in, i.e. tomorrow.

But…………….. he looked like a woolly mammoth!! We were not ready.

Therefore, Day 17 has been focused not only on doing his classes online but getting him scrubbed up and ready to return. His personal development period involved a trip to the tip (to drop off all the branches) and then straight to the barber shop, where we discovered his ears again (perhaps this was why he has been having trouble hearing me…………………….).

Anyway now that it is really happening, as I suspected, I have mixed feelings. I am hanging out for a coffee date with my friends and some time to myself but I am going to miss days like yesterday and today, where we actually did get some time to connect and enjoy each other’s company. For whatever reason, we will all remember this time.

Well done parents, it looks like we made it! Let’s hope we truly are on top of this thing and we have no second wave. But, if the worst should happen, at least we all know we can do this!

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers, both at our school and in the state of WA. You guys have gone above and beyond. xx

Mum B

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