Day 14 & 15 School at home

Things are a changing…

Dad has been on school duty the last two days. Monday, it was the usual juggle trying to help both kids through their lessons and provide a continual supply of food. On the whole though, it was a successful day of school at home.

But, something else big happened. Miss 10 made the decision…… it is time for her to go back to school. During the course of Monday, Dad called the school to inform them of our increasing work situation and her imminent return.

The school itself and her teacher were more than happy to see Miss 10. She bounced out of bed Tuesday morning and dusted off her winter uniform. After a zoom piano lesson she was out the door, with a mountain of books and on her way to school!

She loved her day and I loved hearing her stories; from the different kids she played with, the invention of new games at recess to her teacher checking through her work. She was promoted to ‘Super student’ for her Maths extension work (no I had not helped her through this, she has just been chipping away at it over her time at home). It was lovely to see her so happy and excited.

Meanwhile, Dad was able to focus more on Mr 13 who still feels there aren’t enough of his friends at school yet to go back. Online learning is working ok for him so for now he will stay at home. Although, I think the choice will be taken out if his hands very soon.

And so, the house is getting quieter. I am not quite sure what the guard cat will think when it all goes back to normal. She has quite enjoyed the extra attention and the fire burning all day!!

Watching for intruders

Mum B

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