Day 12 & 13 School at home

And so ends another week of school at home. Two and a half weeks feels like two and a half months! I guess the holidays in the middle (where we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything) accentuated the feeling of time dragging.

We are now into survival mode, the final stretch of school at home. We have been through the ‘shock and excitement’ phase, then the ‘let’s do this well’ phase and now we are in the ‘let’s just get it done’ phase.

The kids are doing fine. In the majority of subjects they are up to date and doing well. There are some areas that have slipped but the school teachers, Dad, the babysitter and I are doing our best at keeping them on track…….. and that is all we can do.

It is now easier for us to see where they struggle and could perhaps use some extra support. Similarly, we can see and appreciate their strengths (and there are many). We know more about who they are as people. In many ways, they have shown far more strength and resilience through these historical times, than us adults.

Very soon, things will be back to normal and we will look back with mixed emotions. On one hand, the time at home has been a blessing. Less driving and less rushing from one thing to the next. More family time together, more creative ventures, more time to think about what is important. On the other, it has been tough. There has been nagging, frustration and a feeling of loneliness.

Miss 10 has announced she is ready to return to school. She is keen to see her friends and teacher, and for some sense of normality. It is important she feels safe and ready in herself. Given a choice Mr 13 would continue this way forever but he knows the time is near. The WA Catholic Education board are reviewing the situation on Monday so we will see what they decide.

I feel that, for us, we are ready. We are health care workers and things are ramping back up at work. We are getting tired. Given where we are in Western Australia, the risks seem minimal. This may not be the case for other families. I think it is important we do what is right for us and try not to judge what others are doing.

Today is Mother’s Day and today, more than any other year, we should feel proud. We should pat ourselves on our back. The last few months have been tough. We have been asked to add more skills to our already stretched repertoire. But we have done our absolute best, whatever that may look like.

So Mums, enjoy being spoilt because you deserve it.

Some backyard brightness and beauty on a special day

Mum B.

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