Day 11 School at home

There was an apprehensive feeling as we opened the blinds this morning. Overnight we had a huge storm and we were all a bit nervous about the damage we might see out the window. At first, all looked to be ok. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and got on getting ready for school.

As usual, the kids logged on and started the school day on time. Mr 13 noted the lack of kids in his class with 15 or 16 compared to near 30. This is when we realised quite how wide spread the power outages around us were. There were trees and power poles down with reports of plenty of property damage. We were very lucky.

The kids pushed on and both vied for my time to help them. One had work they were behind in and the other; something they didn’t understand. I moved between the two doing my best to help. Then they were hungry. Then they needed help. Then they were running out of time. Then tempers overflowed and everything: the late work, lack of understanding and hunger was all Mum’s fault. After a cascade of yelling and abuse I grabbed the car keys and left.

I drove to the beach to clear my head. I wondered why I found this situation so hard and why the kids felt the need to play me. I know they do not behave like this for their Dad or for their teachers! I also know these facts: I have one child who has trouble staying organised and needs a lot of whip cracking and I have one child who wants my attention as much as possible especially when someone else wants it. I know their Dad won’t pander to any of it (if they don’t do the work they suffer the consequences).

Yes, I nag……..

And nag and nag and nag. I don’t know how else to keep them on task. I know that must feel annoying for them, so why don’t they just get on with it and do the work?! Then there will be plenty of time for other stuff when it is done. It is just so frustrating to watch it all day long, this silly game we play.

After sitting and watching the waves roll in and black clouds on the horizon (and several calls and messages from home), I felt calm enough to return. I walked in to both kids calmly on their computers doing work (cue the eye roll). They are so much better without me here…….

At this point I gazed out the back window, and that was when I finally noticed something wasn’t right in the backyard. There was a small tree down across the path and the spa fence looked a bit strange. When I went out to investigate it turns out a whole pane of glass had come clean out of the frame!! How does that even happen? It was lying in one piece on the spa decking as if someone had just lifted it out and placed it gently on the ground. The gate pole was wobbly and the latch not working. So…. as it happens, we have a bit of cleaning up to do this weekend!

I just want the best for the kids, and for them to do their best. I am still trying to work out how I best facilitate that without too much pressure and too much reliance on me fixing up in the background.

Mum B

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