Day 9 & 10 School at home

As winter sets in in Western Australia, the kids are pretty glad not to be riding their bikes to school in the rain. Instead, they are enjoying rather lazy starts to the day, falling out of bed, getting trackies and Ugg boots on just in time to start their school day online.

Meanwhile, I have been up early the last two days with super busy clinics at work. We are playing catch up after being forced to close for a few weeks. I can’t help myself though, I always check in at lunch to see how school is going. Dad has been in charge and usually gives little details, things like ‘its super’.

When I arrive home I ask a million questions. The replies are much like when they are at normal school if I am honest. How was your day? OK. What did you do? Can’t remember. How was the teacher? Good. At least they aren’t complaining and things are feeling pretty normal!

Today there was one interesting story from Mr 13 though……

Miss 10 had finished all her work for the day and Mr 13 was logged onto his last period, English. Just as his teacher asked him to turn on his microphone and camera (so she could speak directly to him), Miss 10 burst into the room excitedly chatting. Mr 13 attempted the ‘shut up I am online’ look. She didn’t get the hint and carried on talking to him. His attempts to keep her quiet became more insistent with a hissed ‘shut up’. But things got even worse!

Still not realising, she then jumped up on the couch beside him, where she was now visible to the teacher. It was at this moment two things happened. One, she realised the teacher could see and hear her and two she realised she had no pants on! The teacher got quite a giggle!

Don’t worry she wasn’t completely indecent and fortunately almost all of the class had already signed out. It reminded me of the American TV presenter who did a whole interview from home last week with his shirt and suit jacket but no trousers. He didn’t realise the camera was low enough to see his boxers!

So parents, now is not the time to walk around the house in your birthday suit or shout obscenities, who knows who might see or hear you!!

Mum B

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