Day 8 School at home

Today we called in a relief teacher. Both Mum and Dad had to work and our faithful babysitter up the street happened to be looking for a bit of income after loosing her regular work due to the Covid crisis. It worked well for everyone, but especially for Miss 10.

Miss 10 secretly hoped she could keep the babysitter all to herself. Over the years they have built a good relationship. She is more than just a babysitter, but someone who Miss 10 looks up to. They share a love for music, so she knew today was the perfect day for music worksheets and piano practice. And……. as long as he was fed, Mr 13 didn’t mind if his sister got most of the attention!

We got up early and did the weekly spelling test before I went to work, just to take a little bit of pressure off. Everyone knew what they had to do for the day. There was food for snacks and ingredients for toasties.

Off Dad and I went to work. At lunchtime I checked in and was assured everyone was doing well and work was getting done. I got home at 5pm to two very happy kids with only a cooking project (scrambled eggs) and Covid diary left to complete (easily done on the weekend). They both requested ‘please can we do that again next Friday?’ What a relief it was for me to hear that! It prompted me to ask the kids a few questions;

What was the best thing about having the babysitter here today?

Miss 10: She’s fun.

Mr 13: She made me food (hmmmm do you notice a theme with him?).

What was the best thing about school today?

Mr 10: The babysitter!

Mr 13: I started work early, submitted my cooking work and got ahead with my HASS (who is he and where is my son?!!)

What is the worst thing about home school today?

Miss 10: My brother!

Mr 13: Nothing! Although the girls jamming away on the piano while I was in an online class was a bit annoying.

As difficult as some days are, there is still much to be gained from this time. I look forward to asking the kids similar questions again in a few years when all this is history. It will be super interesting to see what they remember most. I am hoping it won’t be the times I lost the plot trying too hard to make up for no face to face school, no play dates and no sport. But instead, the times they enjoyed their music, learnt new skills in the kitchen and different ways to keep fit. It is most likely to be the days they got to spend with their babysitter!!

Mum Bee

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