Day 7 School at home

14 minutes……….. that was the longest period today without one of the kids saying Mum or Mumma. It was 2:06pm until 2:20pm.

‘Mumma, I don’t understand.’

‘Mum, I am hungry.’

‘Mum, I don’t know what I am supposed to do.’

‘Mumma, I am hungry.’

‘Mumma, can you help me?’

‘Mum, I’m hungry.’

‘Mum, you have to help me.’

‘Mum, can you play basketball with me?’

‘Mumma, what can I eat?’

‘Mum, what time is it?’

‘Mumma, where do I find the……… booklet?’

‘Mum, I’m hungry.’

The lessons today went relatively smoothly. I was needed less for content help which was good. We got outside to shoot some hoops and rode into town after school (funnily enough, we had to buy more food!). It was a good ‘school at home’ day.

However…….. I am tired. I do love the kids, of course I do, but man I am looking forward to a day off work without them. The last one was 45 days ago (not that I am counting!).

Oh for a hot cup of tea, my hammock and a book or perhaps a friend around for a chat. I can’t even go to the loo in peace. It is like having a toddler again. MMMMUUUUUUUMMMMMM

My dream……. this picture was months ago!

Mum B

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