Day 6 School at home

Here we go again. The start of term 2!

Today began with an announcement from Mr 13……. ‘I think I have a science assignment due today and I haven’t done it.’ (insert Mum’s swear words). Great start. How many weeks has he known about that and chosen to ignore it?!

After dropping that bombshell, he proceeded to have the longest shower possible and flopped about in his new birthday Ugg boots, with comments like ‘Do I have too?’ and ‘I’m tired’. Grrrrr.

Meanwhile, Miss 10 had set up in her bedroom with; books, booklets, files, laptop, pens and pencils at the ready. She was at her desk 15 mins before class started, had flicked through the teachers plan for the day and had completed her spelling test. She logged into her online class at 8:45 sharp.

At 9:10am (surprisingly on time) Mr 13 logged into his first class. The whole online process was a lot smoother than in the last week of term 1. Both kids knew how to join their classes, where to find documents and places to submit work. The system seemed to be working smoothly and both appeared happy and confident. This was a big relief for me….. I headed for a quick shower.

At recess time the thoughtful grandparents (who were in town picking up some essential supplies) arrived with coffees for the ‘teachers’. This was a very welcome break and the kids were happy to sit out in the sunshine and chat to their Nana and Poppa, it has been a while since they could.

It wasn’t long after returning to their work that something strange happened. Both kids became very tired and weary. In the end, Mr 13 actually went to bed in his lunch break (and slept, I do not remember the last time he took a nap!). Miss 10 soldiered on through but this turned out to be a mistake.

I guess I hadn’t really thought how tiring this day would be. The last 3 weeks were probably the laziest 3 weeks our kids had ever had in their lives. They’d had to be.

Suddenly they had been thrown back into a situation where they needed to concentrate, focus and process. Added to this, was the emotional stress they have been under. Their friends and teachers were right there on screens in front of them, but still untouchable. It must have felt incredibly frustrating.

Miss 10 said her brain ‘felt rusty’ and I think that is a great way to describe it. I tried to tell her it probably needed to warm up and to take things slow. She took regular ‘power wing’ breaks and divided the work into smaller chunks. This seemed to help but she was still keen to get on and keep up. Somewhere along the line in her haste to plough through, we misread the cover of a booklet.

It was hours later we realised our mistake. She had completed week 6 mental maths instead of week 1 and had done handwriting from last terms book instead of term 2. It was all too much! Unable to process any more, I decided it was time to head out for a big walk to clear our heads.

We walked around the ‘big’ block and chatted to neighbours as we went. We discussed how she was feeling and how a lot of people were feeling at the moment (quite lost and frustrated). We said hello to dogs. Each step healed and relaxed.

When we got home, she did the work we should have done earlier, ate a wholesome dinner and settled in front of the TV. We lit our first fire for the year and all took a deep breath.

Mr 13 as it turns out was pulling my leg again. His science assignment was 3/4 done and is due on Friday. He is an absolute master at winding his mother up!

Mum B

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