Day 2 Home schooling

31st March 2020

So today I cheated and went to work. It felt really good after three days at home to get back into the ‘real’ world. Except of course, it wasn’t the world we know….. it was Corona world.

I spent the entire day at work cancelling clients, explaining that due to the risk of exposure to coronavirus, we were unable to continue the service. We have been temporarily suspended (I hope it is the only suspending I need to do this week!). It was an odd feeling. Sad but also a relief knowing I was no longer in such close contact with people and therefore at risk.

Back on the home front, Mr Prof Bee seemed to do a great job with the kids. When I got home all was calm and school work was complete. Miss 10 and Dad were outside playing a new game she had invented called Power Hockey. This involved hitting a ball around the driveway with a hockey stick while riding a power-wing (way to co-ordinated for me!).

Well done Dad. The only thing not under control was dinner, but with Hello Fresh ready to help us out that wasn’t too hard for me to sort out.

I am back on teacher duty for two days in a row from tomorrow. I feel nervous already.

Prof B

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