We are not immune

Well unfortunately, as I had feared, we find ourselves in lockdown again. We have had an incredibly good run here in Western Australia but we are not immune. When the news broke yesterday of our first Covid-19 community transmission case in 10 months, there was surprise and confusion. Why I am not sure. We should have all expected it. This virus is cunning and sneaky. It finds the cracks.

People raced to the shops and toilet paper sold out in minutes. Grrrrr. Seriously, we are not going to run out of things unless people behave stupidly but unfortunately some did. But again, that was to be expected.

I have had it in my head for a while now that this would happen, that it was only a matter of time. What I had failed to do was think about how I would deal with the kids. They are a year older, a year wiser and a year more seasoned to change. But still this situation may freak them out. We should tread lightly, break the news gently, gauge their response…. right? But no…. I blurt it out, blunt and to the point. Their responses were interesting and surprisingly similar (last time around they reacted quite differently).

There was wild celebration!! That is initially….

To set the scene, yesterday was the eve of their return to school for 2021. We have had a great 7 week Christmas break and probably for the first time since I have been a parent I haven’t been counting the days until they go back to school (is that bad?). We have enjoyed family time (well I am not sure if they have always enjoyed each other, but on the whole it has been good) and we have seen and done new things together. Master 13 even got his first job which he has loved and has learnt so much (about life). Miss 10 has also learnt new skills (now an ace body boarder) and stayed social. They have been loving life.

They both felt sure they would love another week of school holiday. Miss 10 was looking forward to catching up with friends at school but thought it could wait. Master 13 had felt not quite ready to go back to school anyway. Whether that was because of work or because we only recently got back from holiday, I am not sure. They were happy. They began planning for a week of Oodies and screen time.

But, alas a mere 24 hours later and Miss 10 is bored. She wants to go to school and she wants to see her friends. You see, she has worked out that this isn’t going to be a week of school holiday fun. Mum and Dad have to work and there are no exciting activities planned. It quite literally is Oodie and screen time with little break and it turns out even that gets boring and very hot (who would have thought?).

This lockdown is strict and it’s tough. It was brought in swiftly and decisively and for just one case. It might seem like over-kill, but as a health care worker I know it is the right thing. We only need to look around to see how quickly things get out of hand. We will squash this. As Mark McGowan says ‘we have done it before and we will do it again’.

We now get a taste of what life has been like for many of our family and friends overseas or interstate. The masks are on, we leave home only for essentials, health appointments, work if you can’t work from home and one hour exercise per day. It is for 5 days! That will seem like nothing to many who have endured this for months. It could go either way……….we squash it or we lockdown for longer. It is in our hands.

Is school from home on the horizon?

Only time will tell.

Good luck and be safe people.

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