Today I am feeling very flat. Try as we might, navigating 2020 is a challenge. Parents world wide are struggling with the fall out of Covid 19. Whether you are still in lockdown, home schooling or to trying to adjust to the new rules ‘post virus’, things are different. There are new and unique hurdles. Boundaries and plans have changed. Direction and focus is blurred.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me there is also a constant, nagging fear of it coming back. We have so far only had one lockdown in WA but many of our compatriots have suddenly been thrown back in all over again. The psychological impacts must be huge and varied. Parenting is a difficult job at the best of times, but this added obstacle is exhausting!

For one of our children, life has gone back to a slightly different but comfortable version of normal. For the other, 2020 has been a constant string of battles. Some of which would have happened anyway, others intensified by Covid and some a direct repercussion of weeks spent idle during lockdown.

This week our son had to tell his soccer team that because of an injury sustained in the first game post Covid, he will not be able to play for the remainder of the season. It was brutal. He felt he was letting everyone down and he felt like a failure. His plans of training camps and trips became a distant memory……

And he isn’t the only one….

There have been multiple professional AFL players injured and many discussions about whether sports seasons should start at all because of these risks. One would have thought if anyone could get away with it, it would be children……. but perhaps not, we are hearing many stories of injured teens.

To some, it might not seem like a big deal. It is only a game after all. But, for 8 years it has been his constant through winter. Train in the week, play on the weekend. Repeat. It is healthy and it is predictable. Without it, he and us feel lost.

None of us knew we would have to be thinking of new ways to live. New hobbies, new jobs, new ways to keep fit, new plans. Months after our lockdown here in WA, the stresses associated with it are still emerging and spilling into our days.

We all have a long road to recovery and the only way to survive this will be our ability to be kind to ourselves. As someone who is notoriously hard on myself this is going to be a big challenge! We have to accept things are not going to go according to plan. In fact some part of me thinks to plan anything at the moment is a futile exercise.

We have to go back to basics in life and in parenting. As long as our children are safe and healthy it is all that matters. Our furry friends have it right. For them life is simple; one day at a time with love, food, play, sleep.

They are also a great tool for taking the mind off the negativity this year has brought us. Our crazy cat gives us hours of fun and distraction and now we have a new furry nephew to take our mind off stress too! How could this gorgeous animal not make you feel better about the world?!!


So much to learn and so much love to give. This week saw him undertake his first skateboard lesson! Pure gold!

Mum B.

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